Win prizes with “La rumba dels calerons”!

The premiere of “La rumba dels calerons” has been a great success, and we believe it could become a summer hit. Help us spread the word on social media and enter a prize draw among all participants!

It’s very easy to take part in the competition, here’s how to do it!



We have published a reel of “La rumba dels calerons” on our Instagram. What do you have to do? Comment on our reel mentioning two friends. Then share it on your profile, mentioning @11onzecat and #larumbadelscalerons.



The music of “La rumba dels calerons” is available on TikTok. We think the song goes with everything, so we ask you to make a video with our song and tag @11onzecat and #larumbadelscalerons. In fact, some TikTok users are already sharing “La rumba dels calerons”!


What can you win?

You can enter the competition from 07/07/2022 until 14/06/2022.

Once the deadline to participate in the contest is over, we will make a draw among all participants who meet the requirements, and we will announce the winner the following week on our networks. You can read the legal bases of the contest here.


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  1. Santiago VázquezSantiago Vázquez says:


  2. Manuel Bullich BuenoManuel Bullich Bueno says:

    Teniu a la venda merchandaising vostre, com ara l’ampolla?

    • Mònica Cornudella says:

      Manuel, no tenim venda de marxandatge, però en prenem nota del teu suggeriment, gràcies. De totes maneres, et convido a participar en el nostre sorteig de “La rumba dels calerons” en el qual pots guanyar l’ampolla closca d’11onze!😉

      2 years ago

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