When do the sales start?

This year, at last, we are leaving behind the Christmas festivities without masks and welcoming the Three Kings laden with sweets. And after their Majesties, it’s time for the sales. So, what day do the winter sales start?


In the case of Catalonia, the Trade Advisory Council approved that the winter sales period will officially begin on 23 December 2022 and end on 12 March 2023. That said, it is still a recommendation, since, after the changes in the regulations of the last few years that liberalised shopping hours and discount periods, shops no longer have to wait for a specific date to start the sales.

Thanks to the new regulations, sales periods have become more flexible – we see this with Black Friday or the one-off discounts in December – but most shops and brands continue to opt for the classic dates to start the winter sales. Thus, almost all shops continue to hold their sales from 7 January, after Epiphany.

Even so, many brands are advancing the sales period in their online shops or through their apps. Similarly, if we take as an example what they have done in previous years, in physical shops there will also be discounts from a few days before Epiphany on certain items or certain product lines.

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