What is embedded finance, and what is it for?

The expansion of the fintech sector and the increasing integration of financial services into mobile apps and e-commerce are revolutionising the way we interact with our money outside traditional banking. But what exactly is embedded finance and why is it becoming so important?


Embedded finance is a model whereby non-banking companies integrate banking services and products directly into their virtual channels through mobile applications or e-commerce platforms. The aim is to allow customers to access financial products and services without having to leave the platform or application they are using, carrying out transactions where the contracting or purchasing process is easy and fast.

This is possible thanks to the use of technologies such as APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), a set of definitions and protocols that enable communication between two software applications and facilitate interconnection between financial services platforms and other sectors through mobile phones in an immediate and intuitive way. This saves time and money when setting up a business, without the need to create an application and all its services from scratch.

A typical case of the use of this technology is online payment, which has become an indispensable tool for consumers. For example, a fintech offering payment services could use an API to connect to an online banking platform so that its customers can transfer money directly from their bank account.

Similarly, e-commerce companies offer payments integrated into their platforms, so that customers do not need to leave the website to make a transaction. This is not only convenient for customers but also offers merchants the possibility to customise their services and improve their efficiency.

The fintech revolution

This technology is especially useful for fintechs that do not have the resources to develop their own banking products or that want to offer more accessible and personalised financial services to their customers, providing an alternative to the traditional banking model. Previously, customers had to visit a bank branch or cash point to access financial services, but now they have access through the platforms and apps they already use, reducing the need for travel, paperwork and waiting.

In addition, embedded finance has also enabled the creation of new business models. For example, e-commerce platforms can offer financing to their customers for their purchases, eliminating the need to use a traditional financial institution. This can help companies improve customer loyalty and increase sales

Embedded finance can also help improve financial inclusion. Many people do not have a bank account or are unable to access financial services for various reasons, such as poverty or lack of access to the banking system. Through embedded finance, these people can access basic financial services from a simple mobile device.

In short, the symbiosis between banks, technology providers and distributors of financial products has created an ecosystem that is transforming the sector, broadening the range of services on offer, fostering competitiveness and improving the customer experience with greater accessibility, convenience, and flexibility.


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