The transformation of the automotive industry

In a new episode of La Plaça en Territori 17 we analyze how a key industry is adapting in the fight against climate change and in the creation of wealth. The director of 11 Onze District, Gemma Vallet explains how this sector is transforming.


The automobile industry carries the stigma of being one of the most polluting on the planet but, in turn, it is also one of the most important for the economies of many countries. That is why it is imperative that the industry transform. In a context of constant global warming and with an economy that is hanging by a thread, it is necessary to drastically reduce the ecological footprint while trying to avoid major damage to the economy. Is this possible? Currently it is very uncertain.

In this episode of Radio Cardedeu’s La Plaça en el Territori 17, the director of 11Onze District Gemma Vallet analyzes the electrification of the automobile industry. “By 2028, internationally, it is estimated that 17 million electric vehicles will be sold,” says Vallet. As Gemma Vallet explains, despite the drop in car sales resulting from the economic crisis and the pandemic, “in Europe in 2022, 12% of vehicles were already electric.”

Among the pending challenges for the industry, Vallet includes the need to improve the network of available plugs and lower the price of the final product. “Currently the industry is passing on the increase in production costs,” said Vallet, and this fact is becoming a barrier to entry for many users. In this sense, the attached conversation also points to other innovative mobility alternatives, such as San Francisco, which is bringing goods to the city center via cable cars.


If you want to listen to this episode of La Plaça in Territori 17, it is available on 11OTV and in this article.


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