How has the tourism model evolved?

The health crisis hit the tourism sector hard. But the end of the restrictions and the resumption of the holiday season has brought back confidence among travellers. In this episode of La Plaça of Territori 17, Gemma Vallet, Director of 11Onze District, analyses how Covid has changed the tourism model.


The tourism sector’s concern about the recovery of economic activity has spurred an evolution of the tourist offer, more adapted to the sensibilities of post-pandemic customers, who give more importance to aspects such as safety. As Vallet explains, “we are looking for safety and comfort over good prices”, and he continues, “Carpe Diem and conscious travel are the order of the day”.

But the effects of the pandemic have also changed our priorities when it comes to choosing who we travel with or who we visit, “the pandemic separated us and there is a great desire to go back to travelling with the family, or with friends who are almost family”, Vallet points out.

Shorter trips planned less in advance

The uncertainty caused by the health restrictions imposed in several countries and the geopolitical turmoil of the conflict in Ukraine have meant that when it comes to planning holidays, “we are going more short term, but at the same time choosing a higher quality holiday“, explains the director of 11Onze District.

Unlike our European partners, Catalan tourists prefer short trips, or four-day getaways, and tend to stay in the territory. A phenomenon that is not unique to our country, but rather, as Vallet states, “is a behaviour that is closely identified with Spanish tourists and with tourists from Greece”, thanks to the rich landscape and culture of both countries.


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