“Thinking globally, drinking locally”

Sandra Molas, sales manager at 11Onze, details the drama that bottled water consumption represents for our pocket, for the sustainability of the planet and sometimes even for our health.


If we comply with the recommendations of drinking two litres of water a day, a family of four ends up consuming around 3,000 litres of water a year. What does this mean if we use bottled water? According to Sandra Molas, sales manager at 11Onze, “it means spending around 1,000 euros a year”. And in terms of the amount of waste generated, there are “1,947 disposable bottles”, which is equivalent to around 63 kg of plastic. We can also put our health at risk, as these bottles “can release polycarbonate, which affects our hormonal system in several ways”.

Bearing this data in mind, Sandra Molas defends the use of water filters, which allow us to forget about “carrying heavy bottles of water all day long from the supermarket to our homes”, are “much cheaper” and help to stop “the indecent saturation of plastics in the planet”.

A disaster for the planet

Global plastic production has skyrocketed in the last 50 years. Specifically, during the last 10 years we have produced more plastic than in the previous history of mankind. And it should be borne in mind that “plastic bottles take a thousand years to biodegrade”, as Sandra Molas explains.

A family of four following the recommendations of drinking two litres of water a day generates 63 kg of plastic every year if they consume bottled water. And this is a disaster for the planet, Molas warns.

In addition, the 11Onze sales manager adds that “producing each plastic bottle takes the equivalent of filling a quarter of the same bottle with oil”. In fact, the amount of petroleum used to make the 29 billion bottles bought each year in the United States would allow “a million cars to run for a whole year”.


Money to burn

As for the economic issue, Sandra Molas highlights the enormous savings that consuming filtered water represents compared to buying bottled water. She illustrates this with the example of Barcelona, the city with the most expensive tap water in Spain. In this city, “1,000 litres of water cost 2.60 euros”, a similar price to that of a single 6.25-litre carafe of water from a well-known commercial brand.

All of this means that “immediate measures must be taken”, according to Molas, to save money and protect both the planet’s health and our own. In this sense, she highlights the multiple advantages of using filters to consume tap water. “We have to think globally, about the planet, but drink locally,” she concludes.


If you want to discover how to drink the best water, save money and help the planet, go to 11Onze Essentials.

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