How to succeed with your virtual presentations?

Working and studying at a distance has created a new scenario where virtual presentations are more important than ever. We bring you the essential tools to ensure the success of your presentations.


Whether it’s a work project, an academic paper, a group presentation, or an online class, we have all encountered or will encounter the need to make a virtual presentation. To reduce the nerves and stress that an oral presentation can entail, we bring you ten tools that will help you to have everything under control.

Every virtual presentation needs some prior organisation. Once this is clear, we will move on to the next step: creating a good presentation.


An essential support

  • Sway: Microsoft’s programme is designed to create presentations. A Power Point-style format designed for 21st-century presentations, which allows you to easily link tweets, videos from platforms such as YouTube or SoundCloud content.
  • Prezi: One of the most popular platforms for presentations, with which you will be able to make real watermarks without difficulty, even in 3D format. In addition, Prezi Video’s screen sharing allows you to appear on the screen and interact with the content during the presentation.
  • Genially: It follows the dynamics of the previous tools, but puts the emphasis on originality. Whether you create academic or work-related content, innovating your presentation will be the best way to differentiate yourself.
  • Mentimeter: Solves the main problem of virtual presentations: the lack of interaction. The application incorporates questions, “Like” reactions and polls so that participants can react to your words, in the purest style of social networks.
  • Canva: For all design lovers looking for speed and agility, Canva offers an infinite number of templates with designs for all tastes and channels, from an Instagram post to a poster or a virtual presentation.
  • Videoscribe: Your digital whiteboard for writing and drawing, while adding images, text, and sound. The most dynamic and personalised tool, where creativity will be your best ally.
  • Oomfo: For lovers of Excel and graphics in general, this tool will be essential for your day-to-day work. It allows you to graphically display data directly imported from Excel with the format and legend of your choice.
  • Preseria: To manage conferences or projects with several presentations, Preseria allows you to group them all together, manage them, modify content later or create a presentation calendar. Available for PowerPoints, PDF, or video files and for Windows and Windows formats.
  • Knovio: Focused on creating didactic content, both for companies and for training. It allows you to convert the content into audiovisual pills and follow the whole process, from creation to distribution and monitoring of the videos.
  • Google Slides: For those of you who create presentations in teams, this is one of the most efficient tools for working together. Although the predefined templates and design options are limited, you can turn them into interactive presentations thanks to platforms such as Nearpod or Pear Deck, which offer resources focused on education. The other option is to download templates from sites such as Slidesgo.

These are just a few examples, but every year new tools and updates appear that offer as many possibilities as we have imagination. Remember that the props will enhance your presentation, but the content you incorporate, your speech, and your presence will be the most important part.


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