Springtime comes to your balcony

84% of the country’s population resides in flats, versus 15.2% who do so in houses, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautiful space. In rural areas, as in the rest of Europe, single-family homes (68.1%) predominate compared to flats (31.9%) according to Idealista.


After suffering a pandemic, people look for and appreciate having a terrace, a balcony, bigger or smaller, but having the possibility to go out and be able to breathe.

If you want to live in Barcelona, you have many amenities, but statistically homes are usually smaller and with fewer outdoor areas to enjoy. 

In Catalonia there is a very high percentage of people who live in flats instead of houses.

Tips for turning your balcony into a magazine terrace:

  • The first tip is to fix the floor. You can choose artificial grass, a wooden floor, or a white floor, which will give you more space. Grass can make you feel like you’re next to a pool, but be aware that you’ll need to do more thorough maintenance. A wooden floor is easy to install and also gives a lot of warmth. You can combine grass and wood, and even add white stones somewhere. I bet you can already imagine it. The most important thing is that, as the space is reduced, the cost will not be excessive.
  • Once you have the floor ready, we will continue with railings. If there is nothing that gives you privacy, we recommend that you buy large wicker baskets and put some plants in them, so you avoid being seen from the street. They can also be aluminium or wooden pots. With the excuse of going out to water them, you can enjoy a nice break.
  • Another alternative is to place bamboo or similar to cover or decorate, and you can install small lights to illuminate them at night.
  • We continue with the table. In the market, you will find a myriad of small tables that can be folded. Some you can put on the wall and, when they are not used, you can fold them and, when it is time to go out and have a coffee, you can unfold them with a single gesture. Round, square, for corners… Depending on the space available, you will find the one that best suits you.
  • The same will happen to you with chairs: there are foldable chairs, ideal for small spaces where they do not always have to be unfolded. Let’s make a stop: you can give a very personal touch here. Add some coloured pillows now that summer is coming, and you can change them from time to time. There are some very cheap ones; smooth ones are also a fantastic alternative and, if you are more daring, you can choose a more intense colour, even if it is single-coloured, which will create a very nice atmosphere.
  • If you decide you don’t want a table or chairs, but your balcony is a quiet area instead, add a couple of armchairs or even a hanging hammock and a pillow, and you can enjoy a morning of reading or an evening with a glass of wine or cava.

Add a little colour and nature

Surely you’ve heard of them vertical gardens: if you have a blank wall, you can also put some white shelves and add some pots with small green flowers. There are many examples where you will find your inspiration, and they are very easy to install.

As we know, the details make the difference. Once you have made the most important changes mentioned in the previous points, add candles, chandeliers, small light strips, a small rug, a pouf…

And why not make a small urban garden? No matter how small, you can definitely add a pot with some aromatic plants such as basil, mint, parsley, rosemary… The smell when you go out will be so pleasant and, at the same time, you can enjoy the perfect natural seasoning for your salads.


Do not let the sun be a problem

In case of not having an awning (although they last for many years, this may not be the time to make this expense), you can find solutions such as awning fabrics that are fastened to the wall.

If your budget is small, don’t worry, you will surely find small shops near home with all these types of objects that we have mentioned. You can also find all these items in larger supermarkets.

After reading this article, you surely feel like making these changes and improving your terrace. Take advantage now that the good weather is coming and invite a couple of friends to enjoy it.


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