Saving for special occasions

Although it may seem unlikely, special moments will come again and you will have to be prepared for them. If you have had to cancel a special event and you are setting possible new dates for the end of this year or next year, this article will be very useful for you to be able to prepare yourself financially, in time and face those special expenses with ease.


Last year we had to cancel all events, we did not enjoy special days, such as weddings, celebrations, meetings, parties… And even today we are still waiting for the so desired herd immunity. But, let’s be positive! Everything will come and with it, the good times. Here are some tips that can work for you.


The company, the most important thing

First make a list of attendees with the people you think will be able to come. Now is not the time to invite family members who are far away, people you haven’t seen for a long time, or people who have commitments. Invite people close to you who make you happy and this will make your event more intimate and authentic. Once you have the number of guests, make a budget of the money you can count on and that way you will know how much money you can spend. We advise you not to count on money for gifts.  You can opt for a digital invitation, there are many applications that will allow you to make spectacular designs and if it is not your forte surely you have someone close to you who has good taste and can do it, you will save on the cost of having it professionally designed, printing and shipping.

And now… Planning!

Choose a day during the week, teleworking has brought us many advantages and this is one of them, you will be able to celebrate your special day during the week and it will not be an issue for your guests because they can recover it another day plus the cost of the place where you are going to celebrate it (hotel, restaurant, farmhouse) will be lower than during the weekend. You can save up to 20%. 

Out of season: most events such as weddings, communions, baptisms, are held between May and September, the prices outside these months are much cheaper. Events in winter and autumn are very original, do not discard these months.

The dress can cost a lot of money because we want to be different and dazzle with our dress or suit, think about this point if it is worth spending so much for a few hours. Consider renting, you can find the dress and suit of your dreams for that day but a dress you will probably never wear again. 

If you have enough time, bet on the do it yourself, DIY, decoration, the names you want to put on the table to identify each guest, search for social networks like Pinterest and you will find millions of ideas and how to do it, besides saving a significant amount of money you will love the results and all done with your little hands. The new normality is making us change many habits, it is preferable that you do something informal in which guests can stand and have lunch or dinner that is outdoors, so there will be the possibility of having more distance and hygiene. If you opt for this option, you can make food stations where people can comfortably take what they most want, it will always be cheaper than a closed and individual menu.

Think of an alternative to flowers, or choose seasonal ones. If you want to be more daring, there are other options such as candles, bamboo, glass that you can even rent. When decorating we usually spend a lot of money on flowers to make sure the photos look good but you may be surprised by the result and your pocket will thank you for it.

The photos and the video are the most beautiful memories you will have forever, but it is also an important cost in your budget, choose not to take the most expensive package, a cheaper option will still capture the most special moments. Involve your guests in taking pictures with their mobile phones and then share them, it will be a very funny album.


Some more tips

Sometimes we think that hiring a specialist to help you organize your event can be very expensive, but it is not, if you do not know where to start, they will save you a lot of headaches, they will stick to your budget and will recommend everything you like, but looking for the best prices, they have a wide range of options to offer you what you need.

Have extra money. When you start to organize an event, there are always last minute things that you didn’t count on, plan your budget well to be able to solve those last little things, the goal is that you feel comfortable with everything you are creating to make it a 10 day. Surely you have a lot of things that you haven’t used for a long time, if so, open your account on Wallapop and sell clothes and objects, you will be able to get some extra money for your budget.

We agree that a communion, the celebration of your child’s 18th birthday, or a wedding, have to be one of the most special days of your life, but you also know they can be expensive days. It is not worth getting into debt in exchange for a day of laughter and emotions, follow these simple tips to make your day unique and unforgettable and not a nightmare for your pocket.


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  1. Jordi MorenoJordi Moreno says:

    Estalvits complits!👍 Ara sols cal esperar👌

    • Jordi CollJordi Coll says:

      Això mateix… Moltes gràcies pel teu comentari, Jordi!!!

      2 years ago
  2. Pere Maria EstremPere Maria Estrem says:
    Pere Maria

    El meu moment especial és anar al Serengueti. I ja he ficat el fil a l’agulla.

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    Com costa de nou tornar als estalvis, hem. Estat i estem amb aquest hiperconsumisme neolliberal salvatge.
    Però el vencerem estalviar no es més que gestionar els diners adequadament

  7. Josep Saniger CarrascoJosep Saniger Carrasco says:

    Te bona pinta

    • David LópezDavid López says:

      Gràcies, Josep, aquí tens La Plaça, sempre oberta, sempre amb alguna cosa nova que aprendre. 😃

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  8. Lluís Manel Martínez i GostLluís Manel Martínez i Gost says:
    Lluís Manel

    podré estalviar 100€ mensuals?

  9. Anton BoronatAnton Boronat says:

    Els estalvis… Aquella cosa tant nostra i que hem perdut en tan poc temps. Els bancs de sempre ens han anat fotent els estalvis !!!

    • Miquel Àngel Burgos Fradeja says:

      Tens tota la raó, Anton. Per això 11Onze vol fer les coses de manera diferent. Benvingut i gràcies per acompanyar-nos!

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