Interior design for small and sustainable apartments

Whether it is because of the work situation or because they want to live near metropolitan areas, more and more people are choosing to live in smaller apartments. However, living in a small apartment can make it easier to live in an environmentally friendly apartment. We analyze how we can have a sustainable home in a few square meters.


According to the website of Architectural Digest magazine, it is increasingly common to opt for this trend of housing with a minimalist touch. They are called micro homes. First, because they are economical and secondly, because they represent a sustainable lifestyle, where less is more. In this type of home we find everything we need to live and they invite us to do so without burdening us with unnecessary objects. To get us started and to show us how we can have a sustainable micro home, the same website Architectural Digest, proposes and makes several tips and observations.

  • Sustainability, an essential factor

Energy consumption is an added value to these homes since they do not require high electricity consumption. On the other hand, it is necessary to make the spaces of the house very adapted to the needs of the people who live there and their lifestyle, together with multifunctional furniture that can be a good ally when it comes to storage. An important recommendation is the size of the windows; there must be few but big instead of many and small. It is also highly recommended to increase the feeling of space in the micro dwelling by having several mirrors. Journalist Sara Barragan, author of the Architectural Digest article, also reminds us of the importance of using a good palette of neutral colours, both on the walls and on the floor of the home.

According to Sustainable Architecture, aero thermal energy is a renewable energy source that harnesses the energy of the air to produce hot water and make use of heating in order to enjoy a good air conditioning in our micro home.

But to finish having a sustainable micro home we must follow some more recommendations. We have visited the Sustainable Architecture website that gives us a series of tips to rehabilitate our home in a sustainable way. First of all, you should get good insulation of the walls. To check them well and not to take that for granted from the beginning is part of the success. Next, we must ensure that the windows provide us with the light we want and that they are properly insulated, either by using gaskets, or by changing the glass. A more expensive solution, but in this case, it is necessary to think about the benefit and the well-being that they will provide us. The installations are also important, it is necessary to review the electrical installation by a qualified person to know if the home is prepared for the power we need and check if changing the electrical installation we will have a greater energy efficiency. Plumbing, as the Sustainable Architecture website reminds us, is no less important. Do not hesitate to replace the old lead pipes with new stainless steel or ceramic ones if necessary. Finally, they remind us that in a small apartment we can not have renewable energy without first consulting with our community of neighbours. That is why Sustainable Architecture advises us to install an aero thermal system. These systems are a source of renewable energy that harnesses the energy of the air to produce hot water and make use of heating in order to enjoy a good climate in our micro home.

The famous Tiny Houses have less than 40 square meters and just as it happens with the needs of a sustainable and not very big house, this type of home gives us all the necessary comforts we need.

  • And for those who are looking for small treasures …

Along with the idea of how to make our homes a small paradise of sustainability, we also want to recommend some pages where you can learn about the small houses of the future: the so-called Tiny houses. They have less than 40 m² and just as it happens with the needs of a sustainable and not very big house, this type of home gives answer to all the necessary comforts to live.

With this fashion on the rise, there are many websites that offer solutions for this type of home according to your personal needs. If we look online we can find more modern ones, such as this French website, called Tiny House Bimfy; and for the most sophisticated ones, the Nordic Houses website offers the possibility to buy tiny houses made in Finland with transport included. These tiny homes made in Finland, in addition to having all the comforts we need to live, stand out especially for their solutions in relation to thermal insulation.

So, whether designing, reforming or taking the decision to buy a Tiny House, the ecological and sustainable mini houses are also, if you will, the future knocking on the door.

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