Petitet & 11Onze, at the Festa de la Sal

The Catalan rumba player, El Petitet, will be one of the stars of the l’Escala festival with the show “La rumba de Catalunya”. 11Onze is sponsoring the concert, where “La rumba dels calerons” will be played.


‘La Festa de la Sal’ is a traditional festival that pays homage to the fishing and salting origins of l’Escala. It is not surprising, as the ancient Empúries is the place through which Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans entered the Iberian Peninsula, introducing everything from ‘garum’ to the use of coins.

This heritage has always been present in l’Escala which, until the 20th century, had a port where sailing boats loaded with salt (from the Delta, Ibiza, Alicante…) were constantly arriving, which the fishermen unloaded on the beach to take to the anchovy and sardine salting factories.

This year, ‘La Festa de la Sal’ celebrates its 25th birthday with activities on the 16th, 17th and 18th of September. You can check all the activities here. The main event will take place on Saturday night. For days now the streets of l’Escala have been papered with posters explaining that at 22:30, at the end of l’Escala beach, there will be a concert by El Petitet and his band of ‘rumberos’. It’s a good opportunity to see El Petitet live, who doesn’t perform often because of the ‘myasthenia gravis’ he suffers from. “Thank God, I get a lot of gigs”, explains El Petitet, “but I do very few because I can’t keep up with the pace”.

“La rumba dels calerons” and other hits

El Petitet is a regular at l’Escala: “I go every year. Last year, even though I wasn’t feeling well, I went. The people of l’Escala like rumba very much”. The concert will feature “La rumba dels calerons” and Catalan rumba hits. About the song produced with 11Onze, El Petitet assures that “it was a very nice thing and very well done. I really liked it, and I was very excited to do this song. What’s more, people liked it a lot and accepted it very well”.

Throughout Saturday, there will be activities on the beach of l’Escala. From the exhibition of crafts to the offering of salt, with dances from Rajahstan (India). 11Onze will also be present, and the concert can be seen on the beach and on Canal 10 Empordà.

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