The new professions created by the rise of AI

While the emergence of artificial intelligence may pose a threat to some employment sectors, historically, technologies that automate tasks also create new occupations and disciplines related to the programming and development of these automated systems.


The entry of AI into the workplace follows a similar pattern to previous technological revolutions. On the one hand, the advance of automation is reducing the number of people needed to perform repetitive or routine tasks. Still, on the other, it is creating new jobs that require technical skills related to these new technologies. Let’s have a look at some of the new professions and disciplines being created by this essential pillar of Industry 4.0.

Prompt engineers

The proper functioning of artificial intelligence applications, such as ChatGPT or Bard, when it comes to providing the best answers to a user’s question, depends to a large extent on the precision and context of the instructions. Prompt engineering’ is a discipline focused on training and tuning AI-based language models to ensure that they generate consistent and useful results for the user. Although you don’t have to know how to program, creativity, critical thinking and data analysis are key skills for this profession.

Programmers and Developers

These are specialists in the design, creation, development and implementation of software based on machine learning algorithms and artificial neural networks that are essential to provide the technological basis. Their main objective is to create artificial intelligence systems that can learn and improve automatically from input data.

Natural Language Processing

Experts in this field are essential for teaching chatbots and word processors to understand and generate written and spoken human language. They develop the linguistic model so that computer engineers can implement it in efficient and functional code. While this job does not require a strong technological background, a degree in linguistics, philology or translation is desirable, as well as a specialisation in natural language processing or computational linguistics.

Analytics and data science

Artificial intelligence is a very useful tool for collecting and analysing complex patterns from large databases. Professionals with expertise in analytics and data science are needed to interpret this information to extract useful information to support an organisation’s or company’s decision-making. To do this work, one must know statistics, mathematics and master data analysis tools such as Excel or SQL, along with the ability to communicate the results clearly and effectively.

Algorithm Auditing

This discipline assesses the reliability of the results of systems that use artificial intelligence, as well as their ethical and legal compliance, ensuring that the relevant standards and regulations are applied. Algorithmic audits are an internal review or supervision that is carried out in parallel to the development of the artificial intelligence system and periodically after the product has been launched on the market. People with legal backgrounds and studies in social sciences and ethics are ideal candidates for this type of work.


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