New episode of El Diner: gold, the king metal

11Onze’s animated series dedicates an episode to gold. We explain mankind’s relationship with this precious metal since its origins in a special episode.


If you thought we had already explained everything about gold, you were wrong. What makes gold so safe and so prestigious? Well, the human history with gold goes back a long, long way. That is probably why there is this atavistic behaviour: when things go wrong, we go back to gold. When there is a crisis, when currencies can no longer be trusted… we always look to the king metal. It’s normal, it’s thousands of years of relationship. Already in prehistoric times, around 4600 BC, humans were making gold jewellery. And we haven’t stopped since then. Gold has always been a symbol of wealth and stability.

In this episode of El Diner we take a look at this history and the role of gold in the global economic system. From the Gold Standard to the Dollar Standard and the present day. We say it is a special episode for several reasons. Because it is longer than usual, because it incorporates a new main character and because, for the first time, 3D had to be incorporated into the animation. An effort by 11Onze and Luee studio for a protagonist who is not just anyone: he is the metal king. That’s why our ingot is akin to Elvis.

At the end of the chapter, as always, you will be able to test your acquired knowledge with a quiz. Are you already an expert in gold? That’s exactly what we wanted: if you decide to protect your savings with Preciosos 11Onze, you will have all the training you can get.

You can see the full chapter here.

If you want to discover the best option to protect your savings, enter Preciosos 11Onze. We will help you buy at the best price the safe-haven asset par excellence: physical gold.

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