Live 11Onze Academy: Welcome to the 50 new agents

Catalonia is witnessing today the birth of 11Onze. A bank that goes beyond any other bank by offering a private social network and a marketplace for its customers to interact. It also aims to educate its clients on how to make the most of their savings and investments. Today we have been able to see the welcoming of the new 50 agents live, via FB Live from EL MÓN DIARI..

The bank has recruited 50 agents – through a social media campaign and an innovative recruitment process, after screening more than 4,000 candidates.

On 15 March 2021, the chosen candidates will join the 11Onze Academy at Campus La Mola Châteauform, where for one month they will live a unique experience in financial, legal and banking education.

James Sène, Founder and President of 11Onze, will conduct a special session, called “PROU”, which conveys 11Onze’s vision of revolutionising banking and bringing banking back to the people and in the Catalan Countries.

The academy is designed to provide a safe environment for new employees to build relationships with their peers and colleagues and to give them all the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to be able to provide an exceptional quality customer service experience.

To follow the protocol of the COVID-19 contingency and prevention plan, we have designed for 11Onze Academy, in collaboration with the HM Delfos Hospital, and following the recommendations of the Department of Health of the Generalitat de Catalunya, a strategic plan of action to prevent the spread of the virus among our participants at the Academy.

The 11Onze Academy is revolutionary as a concept of education to businesses, it is a POP-UP CAMPUS that will be activated with each wave of recruitment. In 3 weeks it officially certifies agents to operate.


Darren Smith, COO, 11Onze, who is leading the training: “Our philosophy for the whole bank, not just the campus, is to create something truly exceptional. The first experience a customer will have with our bank will be digital, and we will put a lot of emphasis on technology and user experience. However, we wanted to go much further. In a digital age we worry that the personal relationships we build over time will be lost and at 11Onze we wanted to take Relation Banking into the community. We want our customers to have a long and meaningful personal relationship with our representatives.”


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