Gemma Vallet, new Marketing Director, CMO, at 11Onze

Gemma Vallet holds a PhD in Digital Branding from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and a master’s degree in digital commerce from La Salle (URL, Barcelona). She is co-founder of several companies, such as Mimoke, an ethical and sustainable fine jewellery company, a pioneer in Southern Europe, where she has been the marketing director until now. She is also partner and co-founder of marketing agencies such as The Content Hub Agency and Weincontro.

Likewise, she has worked in digital branding, social media, eCommerce and digital transformation, both globally and locally, developing her work in various locations around the world, in relation to brands such as BASI Group, Emirates bank, Zurich Group, GUCCI, VW Group, Brussels Airport, among others. She is also director, professor and alma mater of the Master in Social Media Branding and Digital Business at La Salle, as well as the postgraduate course in Brand Community Management. She does research on sustainability and branding.

We asked the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) why she accepted this challenge, and she answered:

“The motto of the 11Onze team lets us synthesise in a simple and brilliant way a dream that we all have, especially now, and that 11onze will make a reality in the coming months: to have a community banking, with social justice and to empower green energy. Being able to add value and make 11onze possible is an honour for anyone. I join with the dream of doing my best, from my area, to help people build a new economy and to enjoy it. A new economy that is transparent and ethical. Everyone will be able to see that with 11Onze they have a platform that provides them with the tools to make their dreams come true; to create their businesses, to study, to have a family project, without uncertainties and with the support of a community of authentic people.

11Onze is at the forefront, so that what needs to happen, the construction of a new economy, is done ethically. Quite simply, I am in love with the philosophy of the 11Onze project, its innovative platform and the team of great people involved in 11Onze, now in accelerated growth.”

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