Fintech Talks: what did you learn this year?

With the summer over, we return to the cycle of talks in Monday’s network of coworking spaces. Fernando de la Rosa will be the star of the next Fintech Talks on 28 September, which he will start by asking a question: what have we learned this year?


Fernando de la Rosa, an academic and professor of Digital Strategy, has spent the last two years of his life learning how to read and analyse data to help people and businesses make the right decisions. “I think we are, to a large extent, what we do,” says de la Rosa, which is why it is important to ask ourselves this question.

His book, DATA, “How data will help you in your life and in your business and will transform society”, will serve as a starting point to explain that in order to survive and progress in our environment it is essential to adapt to constant change analysed through data.

Thus, we resume the cycle of Fintech Talks organised by 11Onze with the collaboration of Monday, with the next one taking place this 28 September at 7 pm at the Monday Diagonal coworking. The talk will be moderated by Gemma Vallet, director of 11Onze District, accompanied by Xavi Bassons, CEO of Monday. The conference is free, and you can register here. Don’t miss it!


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