Financial lessons you need to master in your 30s

You should enjoy your youth and make the most of every moment, even if it means overspending on travel, clothes and leisure. But from the age of 30 onwards, you should have learned to master some financial habits in order to save for the future.


If you are young, pay attention, because at 11Onze we have gathered together five tips that may be useful for you to start organising your finances: learn to make a budget, save, don’t have spurious illusions, don’t get into too much debt and always save a little extra. These are the keys to achieving the desired financial independence. And, if that’s not enough for you, head agent Mireia Cano advises you on how to create your first savings plan in the video below.

  1. Learn how to make a budget. We’ve explained this at La Plaça before, but financial independence can only be achieved if you learn to stick to a budget. That’s why we have to know how much money we earn and, based on this income, we have to calculate what we want to spend to achieve the savings goal we have set ourselves. 
  2. Save between 10% and 20% of what you earn. What is the savings goal we should set ourselves? Experts recommend, as a minimum, saving between 10% and 20% of what you earn, especially if your salary is very low.
  3. Be realistic. You have to be realistic with your finances. If you have an ordinary job with an ordinary salary, you cannot dream of becoming rich. How old are you and what would you like to achieve in life? How much time do you think you will have to invest with the money you earn now? Then you will know how much money you have to save.
  4. If you get into debt, you are in control. If, after the age of 30, you need to get into debt to pay for your car, mortgage or studies, check that you do not have any accumulated debt and, if you need to take out a loan, make sure that this is not a burden that you will carry for too many years. In this sense, a good method is to list your debts from the largest to the smallest, and invest your income to pay them in this order.
  5. Always put something extra aside, just in case. You never know when you will have an unexpected and urgent expense. For this reason, it is always advisable to have an emergency fund just in case. To do this, you will need to outline a plan to set aside a percentage of your savings to this contingency fund.

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