Emporarom: Empordanese essences

Emporarom, Aromes de l’Empordà, is a business that produces aromatic and medicinal plants, grown on different plots of land located in Empordà. In a new People podcast, Pere Coll, one of the founding partners, tells us about the project and the different products they make from these plants.


From the union of the words Empordà and Aromáticas comes the name Emporarom, producers of aromatic, culinary and medicinal plants from Empordà who have joined forces to develop and market various products, recovering the popular knowledge of the plants in their natural environment.

Aromes de l’Empordà cultivates many of the plants found in the wild or in the garden at home: rosemary, thyme, basil, oregano, mint, and fennel… All of them are grown organically on small plots of land by the sea, where the entire production process is done traditionally, respecting natural resources and preserving the environment.

A sensory experience

The infusions spearhead the work they do to be able to offer new products that surprise the consumer. Five varieties with their own character based on Greek mythology, “we have dedicated them to Greek gods and goddesses, with blends of plants that fit their characteristics”, Coll points out.

Likewise, an extensive range of culinary condiments is complemented by sensory visits where flavoured drinks are made and culinary workshops are held with local plants and flowers. As Coll explains, “we do workshops where people can identify, smell and touch plants, while having a vermouth, gin and tonic or a ratafia”.


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