Christmas slogans that stick with us

One day you wake up and luminous ornaments decorate streets and shops, you get an Iberian ham as a present, you have a company Christmas dinner, and you have to do some last-minute shopping. The Christmas holidays are here and, with them, come the advertisements that appeal to the emotions. Let’s take a look at some of the most memorable slogans.


Emotion is the most effective creative path in advertising, and Christmas is the season that lends itself most to feelings. The importance of creating a slogan that captures and evokes the concepts of nostalgia, joy, illusion, and love is the essence of the message with which advertisers want to capture an increasingly fragmented audience.

The two most popular brands of Cava seem to have stopped making specific Christmas slogans and have moved on to more general campaigns, which are designed to be broadcast at any time of the year and in a multitude of countries.

This year’s change in trend has left us with slogans such as Freixenet’s, “Life is how you celebrate it” and Codorníu’s, “Live a life you want to celebrate with Codorníu”, which seem to have come out of the same advertising agency. Even so, for many years, the rivalry between Freixenet and Codorníu was an expected moment in traditional Christmas ads.


We don’t take Christmas for granted

Even so, one of Codorníu’s most memorable spots is certainly not remembered for the rivalry between the two brands, but for the controversy it stirred up, for how it struck a chord with us. In the middle of a pandemic, the advert is a good reminder of the importance of the community.


When are we coming home?

In the 1960s, Charles Brown begged us to come home for Christmas. And, ten years later, Chris Rea was doing it by car. The idea is not new. Yet few slogans have become so ingrained in the popular consciousness that, in the 1980s, El Almendro nougats decided that they would always “Come home for Christmas”.


It may not be the most expensive, but…

In 1880 the recipe for this very famous ‘torró’, the 1880, was written. We will certainly remember it for this slogan, which was repeated until 2016.


May luck be with you

Few advertising spots are as eagerly awaited or appeal to the emotions as much as the state Christmas lottery ads. The list of popular spots, under the slogan “Christmas Lottery, the biggest prize is to share it”, is long, but we highlight this one for the excellent animations.


Solidarity is also celebrated

La Marató de TV3 is not only a classic of this festive season, but has also given us a whole series of slogans to remember: “La Marató says a lot about you” (2018), “Minorities that make a majority” (2019) and “This Marató touches everyone” (2020), among others. This year, they have even made a short film about mental health issues with the slogan “La Marató que trenca murs” (The Marathon that breaks down walls).


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