Business: dealing in foreign exchange

Increasing business relations between international companies often require money transfers involving currency exchange. Here’s how the 11Onze Business account can help you do business with foreign currencies.


Whether you are an SME or self-employed, working effectively with foreign currencies need not be a concern. On the contrary, good management of foreign currency accounts and transfers can be a competitive advantage for your company.

The weakness of the euro against the dollar increased inflationary pressure and raised the costs of many Catalan companies operating internationally. In this context, the cost of energy and many raw materials has soared, driving up production costs. Against this backdrop, investments or transactions in foreign currencies have become vitally important.

Transfers and multi-currency accounts

As Sílvia Garriga, an agent at 11Onze, explains, “diversifying investments can help offset possible losses“. That said, not all business accounts allow you easy access to the Forex market, the ability to make currency exchanges at competitive prices or the possibility of having multi-currency accounts.

At 11Onze Business we have ensured that you have the option to receive, store and convert money in the currencies you use in your business, with the premium features of a multi-currency account, but at reduced rates.

This allows you to avoid having your money tied up in euros, and you can protect yourself from the loss of value of this currency, since “a downward variation of some currencies can seriously threaten the stability of a business, especially if the currency that is devalued is from a strategic market”, says Garriga.


If you want your business to make a giant leap, use 11Onze Business. Our business and freelancer account is now available. Find out more!

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