Back Office: plainly speaking… a pain in the neck!

Also known as problems, complaints, incidents, questions, doubts and inconveniences. This would be our job, that of the Back Office and Customer Service team, to receive negative inputs and study them, fight them, discuss them, quarrel… But always with the same objective, to solve them!


Iu Alemany, Back Office and Customer Service Director


When a “problem” is solved, there is total satisfaction. I can proudly say that so far we have solved many, practically all of them… and for those that have not yet been solved it’s just a matter of time… because we never give up!

To be part of a Back Office and Customer Service department, a series of virtues, skills and attributes are necessary, and if you don’t have them, forget about working with us.

Patience: to hear the same question many times and be able to answer as many times as necessary with a smile.

Constancy: when a solution does not come, giving up is not an option, so we keep looking until we find it.

Order: each sheep in its own pen, without order and rigour, complaints cannot be solved.

Control of emotions: when you are in the front line of customer service or support to the rest of the company, emotions have to be kept in check, because often we are at the dead end where everything falls, therefore, getting your emotions out will not help to solve the problem, but self-control will.

Sense of humour: it’s the key to everything, and it’s the engine that pulls everything forward!

Going beyond the law

All these attributes I have highlighted have a single goal: to strive for excellence in customer service. When a government has to make a law that compels businesses to have a minimum level of customer service, with people and not with machines dialling keys, we have a problem!

This is the problem that we at 11onze have never wanted to have, from day one we have said that we would comply, and we do comply, with 24-hour customer service for our customers, and to those who are not, all year round.

When we call customer service, 99.9% of the time it is because we have a problem, we never call to say thank you for something that already works by itself, therefore, the last thing we want to hear is a machine that asks us a thousand questions before giving us the solution (if it gives us one). When a person is angry or upset about bad service, we show our face, respond directly without ‘bots’, and tell the truth.


Breaking the mould

Starting a fintech is an exciting challenge, the expectations of the population towards us are enormous. People’s dissatisfaction with traditional banking makes us an alternative to an outdated and rude banking system, and it is this hope that we manage on a daily basis, showing our faces and not hiding behind answering machines.

Transparency and truth are the pillars of what we want to be, if we do not know, we will tell you, but we will not stop until we solve your enquiry, and what we will not do is make you dizzy. Excellence in customer service is what we strive for, without giving up, in a straightforward, transparent, orderly manner… And always with a smile!

Let me tell you one last thing; behind the good humour, order and transparency, there is a TEAM in capital letters, with an absolutely immeasurable capacity for work and effort, with an immense spirit of sacrifice, without watches on their wrists, that make us get closer to our goal every day. Whoever wants to come, get ready to suffer (and laugh too)!


11Onze is the community fintech of Catalonia. Open an account by downloading the super app El Canut for Android or iOS and join the revolution!

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