What is the 52-week savings challenge?

Although any time of the year is a good time to start saving, it is also true that we can easily find an excuse for never doing so: loss of purchasing power due to runaway inflation, low wages, sales, Black Friday! However, there are methods of saving that require minimal effort and are within the reach of almost everyone. Càrol Rafales, from the 11Onze product team, presents a very simple one to follow.


There are many people who try to save for unforeseen events, foresee future purchases or plan a good holiday. Just as many people who don’t know how to do it, or start saving with great enthusiasm, but stop soon after getting started. Perhaps the key is to go step by step and start saving small amounts. As Rafales points out, “if I tell you to save one euro the first week, and two the second, it doesn’t seem so difficult, does it?”.

This is what the 52-week savings challenge is based on. A method to save easily that consists of putting an amount of money, during 52 weeks, in a piggy bank, jar or whatever you like, equivalent to the number of the week you have to save.

Every little helps

Saving one euro the first week, two the second, and so on, may seem ridiculous, but if we bear in mind that at the end of the year we will have saved 1,387 euros, we are talking about a figure that is not at all negligible. And in any case, if you have a fairly high level of income, “you can start with a higher quantity of” for example “€21, to get more than €2,300 at the end of the year,” explains Rafales.

If we don’t trust our consistency in following this method, we can always schedule a weekly transfer to a savings account, which can even earn us some interest. In addition, this ensures that the money is difficult to access quickly, avoiding the temptation to break the piggy bank.


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