“The 11Onze website will soon be booming”

11Onze does not stop receiving international recognition. Just a month ago our website was awarded the Vega Digital 2021 prize, and now it has been nominated for the UX Design Awards. The designers of Wondr, the Dublin studio that has led the project, are convinced that this is just the beginning of many other distinctions for a project that will become a model for other financial institutions.


With La Plaça we have created a community fintech, a fincom, where people are at the centre. We wanted to create a platform where everyone could learn finance,” 11Onze’s art director, Laia Gubern, says. This was the main goal of 11Onze. And this was also the starting point for Wondr. This is how Dermot O’Shea, founder of the studio, and Sean Taylor, director of design and innovation, remember it.

Both admit that, as was the case with the international jury that awarded the 11Onze website at the Vega Digital 2021 Awards, “the ambition to create a community around a brand is catching on.” The design is sincere and builds trust, they say, and that’s something they like. “Often financial institutions don’t treat their agents with enough respect and it’s great that 11Onze wanted to make them so approachable from the start,” O’Shea says.


Involvement in the design

In addition to giving visibility to the team, 11Onze also wanted the community to be involved in the design process. That’s why a testing exercise was set up in which nearly a thousand people participated. “These real human interactions validated the user experience. That’s why it’s so easy to navigate, it’s intuitive… We wanted to simplify the experience,” Taylor recalls.

The design director also explains that the work process uses an “atomic design system,” which is organised in different molecules and at different speeds. “In the whole process we have to combine vision, content, direction and digital knowledge,” Laia Gubern summarises. She recognises that the proof that the design works is this new nomination for the UX Design Awards.

A Netflix of finance

The other thing that positively surprises the experts is the willingness to promote financial education among citizens. “You won’t see any other financial institution producing the amount of content that 11Onze has published in such a short time. The pace is incredible,” O’Shea says. “I think the key vision was to create a Netflix of finance,” he says.

11Onze’s content, the Wondr founder says, empowers the community to build its financial sovereignty. “This shows the ambition of the fincom, which is willing to document and teach how it works on the inside,” he adds. In this sense, Gubern explains that La Plaça still has a lot of evolving to do in 2022, because the number of products will increase and the Magazine, 11Onze TV and Learn sections will continue to add more and more content. 

We are at the beginning of what the 11Onze website will be like, a true financial hub, with a token community, the beginning of the decentralisation of finance,” Taylor concludes. We have only seen the tip of the iceberg of the 11Onze website.


11Onze is the fintech community of Catalonia. Open an account by downloading the super app El Canut on Android and Apple and join the revolution!

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    Una feina intensa ,extensa amb uns continguts de qualitat i un objectiu tan lloable com el premi que ja té i al gual han proposat
    Gràcies 11Onze

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