11Onze Banc closes the mobilisation round in just 10 days

The team led by Natàlia Cugueró has managed to close the fundraising round in just 10 days, so we asked her:


  1. What is the reason for closing this round in such a short time?
    Our plan was to complete it within eight weeks from the beginning of October, because under normal circumstances the search for founders is labour-intensive, since it includes economic criteria, but also a specific profile is required to be a founder of 11Onze. Therefore, the reception of the project has meant that many people and companies have approached us directly, and this has made the proactive search less necessary. In addition, once the project was presented and details were given, people were able to see that it is already well-developed and all the work that has been done, over a year and a half, behind what it is shown. Finally, my role has been to facilitate access to the project and the process in all its dimensions, while maintaining the compliance criteria that are legally required from us.
  2. What is the profile of the founders?
    They are small and medium-sized Catalan companies, which are in fact 11onze’s main target, in terms of corporate banking. We are very happy, because all founding businesses have the desired profile, and so we have been able to rule out the larger businesses for the time being. These founding businesses have a very important role to play, because they will help us to better shape the services and products that are needed.
  3.  What does closing this mobilisation round mean for the 11Onze project?
    This mobilisation fund guarantees that the 11Onze project will be realised no matter what. At this point, all that remains to be decided is when it will be launched and in which EU member state, and this will be decided in the next round. In addition, this means that 16 full time professionals from technology, marketing and legal backgrounds can now start working at the bank.


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