11 dishes against inflation

Food prices are still skyrocketing and have grown by 15.4% although the overall inflation has decreased. Is it possible to eat well and well priced? At 11Onze we propose 11 dishes to get the most out of your budget.


Data from the INE (National Statistics Institute) reveal a fact that people had already noticed, for sure, when shopping: that food prices do not stop rising. This has caused, according to the OCU, that 90% of the citizens modify their shopping habits, that they buy 23% less food, that they have reduced by 18% the purchase of fruit and vegetables and that 3 out of 10 have limited the purchase of meat and fish.

This may cause families’ diets to shift towards cheaper and perhaps less healthy purchases. Reviewing the data, there are basic products such as milk that have risen by 33.4%, eggs by 22.9% or potatoes by 18.9%. Meats went up between 13% and 25%, while legumes and vegetables went up between 11% and 15%. Fruit has risen by 4%, but it should be borne in mind that it is one of the most expensive products.


Freezing, the great ally

So what to do? There is a risk of tending to a diet based on processed foods, pasta and flour, which have better prices but are worse for our health. For this reason, it is advisable to take advantage of the offers to buy in bulk, which allows to reduce the cost per unit and to freeze the leftovers. Obviously, it is necessary to take advantage of the offers of fresh meat and fish at a discount due to a near expiration date, because we can freeze them directly. But this can also be done with other products. Cheeses such as cheddar or mozzarella can be frozen if you plan to use them for melting. You can also freeze butter, or boiled eggs. And as far as fruit is concerned, it is best to use it to make compote or cakes that can be frozen.


Traditional recipes against inflation

If you don’t want to give up traditional flavors or healthy cooking, you can dive into the Corpus of Catalan Culinary Heritage. You’ll find recipes that make the most of the most expensive ingredients. We have selected 11.

  • Omelette with juice. An omelette stuffed with vegetables or potatoes and accompanied by sofrito. A simple dish, to dip bread.
  • Chicken with chanfaina. One of the least expensive and healthy meats, accompanied by one of the most common resources of Catalan cuisine.
  • Chickpeas with cod and spinach. The legumes are the base product, the cod and spinach complement them.
  • Onion soup. A good way to take advantage of the dry bread and make a tasty soup.
  • Sausage with pears. With some ripe pears we can prepare a dish of contrasting flavors with one of the classic meat dishes in Catalonia.
  • Scudella of pumpkin and beans. Little meat and a good spoon dish.
  • Escudella Montserrat. Conger eel (or similar) and cauliflower are the stars of this dish that also has rice, chickpeas and noodles.
  • Rice in the casserole. A classic of Catalan cuisine and a good way to serve very good dishes with a modest investment.
  • Cut-up rice. If you buy a whole chicken to roast, take advantage of the trimmings to make this dish.
  • Rice a la Piula. With a base of anchovies, a good rice with a seafood flavor.
  • Sardines with potatoes and smashed eggs. If you like the famous “huevos estrellados”, here you have a version with sardines.

This is just one of the thousands of recipes in the Culinary Corpus of Catalan Heritage. Very often, our ancestors used to cook making the most of a small portion of meat or fish. Accompanied with legumes, potatoes, vegetables or rice, the portions that could be served with that more expensive ingredient multiplied. What they did not know then, perhaps, is that this also made the dish a nutritionally more complete and healthier meal.

Now, with food inflation rising to 15.4%, perhaps it is a good time to recover this way of cooking. Surely, in addition to saving money, we will gain health.

And you, what recipes do you prepare at home?


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