What is sustainable construction?

The growing social concern for sustainable development is transforming the construction sector. Considering the environmental impact throughout the building construction process is the basis of sustainable architecture. We talked about this new trend in the real estate market with Alfredo Acosta, Project Manager, and Gemma Vallet, Director of 11Onze District.


In order to build sustainably, the environmental impact of the building’s entire life cycle must be taken into account. The choice of construction materials, waste management, energy efficiency and the use of energy from renewable sources are some of the factors on which this new building model is based, which is making a strong entrance into a sector that seemed immovable.

Even so, incorporating sustainability into the real estate construction sector, which is largely based on speculation, is a challenging task. As Acosta points out, “the traditional developer looks at square metres, profitability… pure and simple speculation“.

Improving people’s quality of life and well-being

Sustainable building development must not only be based on purely tangible elements that benefit the environment, but must also be consistent with principles and values that facilitate people’s well-being.

For example, the design of common areas that incorporate the presence of nature and facilitate good coexistence among neighbours is an often intangible factor, but no less important when it comes to improving the quality of life of the people who share this space.

In this context, new models of coexistence, such as cohousing, are emerging, which respond to the difficulty of some groups in accessing the traditional housing market. As Acosta explains, it is about “sharing common spaces and services, but respecting privacy and intimacy, with the idea of creating and cohesive community, understanding the criteria of each person”.


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