Summer 2021: Colours, trends & fashion on the web

Who decides the colours of the summer? Do you know the Pantone Color Institute? We explain why you find what you find on the street and on social media.

We are already well into summer and, as with every change of season, what we will wear or see on the street or on the beach has been meticulously studied by experts who analyse the trends. Today we want to update you on the trends for this summer 2021, and we will do it with three small brushstrokes: we will delve into the current colours, we will review the trend predictions, and we will find out what the fashion is like online.a


Coral, lilac, yellow or fuchsia, the trendy colours of the summer

Who decides what fashion colours we see in magazines, what TV presenters and influencers wear, or what we will see people wearing during summer? This is the work of the Pantone Color Institute, Pantone’s trend forecasting and colour consultancy. They are, to a large extent, the ones who set the colours that will be worn. Each season they produce a report suggesting the top ten colours and the five classic neutral colours to wear.

For this summer, Pantone goes for vitality through bright colours, such as orangey yellow, sky blue, navy blue, earthy brown, light green, mint green, coral, lilac, yellow and fuchsia. As for the season’s classics, they suggest blackened blue, grey, cream, earthy and willow green. According to Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, this summer’s colours combine energy, relaxation and comfort in order to improve our mood, which is probably what we need most right now.

Trends for all tastes

As with colours, fashion trends are also analysed and prepared in advance. There are companies that are dedicated to making reports on what will be worn, anticipating two years in advance the fashion that we will find on the street. According to the analyst and trend forecaster Rosalina Villanueva, from WGSN – a company dedicated exclusively to forecasting trends – this summer’s trends are comfort, futuristic style, retro, pop, sailor style, safari looks, evaporated materials, floral, minimalism and environmentally friendly materials.

Social media, the new trend incubator

But fashion is not only found in the colours decided by Pantone or the most expert analysts. Fashion can also be found in social networks. Every surfer and with a little attention everyone can observe the top trends of this summer: Bucket hats, crochet clothing and accessories, colourful jewellery, espadrilles, XXL shirts, flip-flops sandals, net bags, asymmetrical pieces, Bermuda shorts, Vichy checks, tie-dye or Ibiza-style dresses and clothes, are just some of the fashion trends that we can find this summer, according to the fashion that is followed on social media.

Finally, let’s remember that this summer fashion is full of happiness; it’s not about being the most modern or the one who wears the latest trends, but about bringing out our personality and the most authentic energy interpreted through the pieces we wear. And last but not least, don’t miss these seasonal basics: The smile and the good mood; which are the most upward trend that we will always find, season after season.


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