A short history of the credit card

Did you know that the first person to predict the appearance of credit cards was the writer Edward Bellamy in 1888? We have talked about the history of the credit card on several occasions at La Plaça. Now, we are going to review it again with our agent 11Onze Jennifer Roca. 


The first credit card was created in 1914 by the Western Union company for its most select clients with the idea of offering them credit without surcharge. But it was Frank McNamara, in 1949 in New York, who had the idea of a universal card with two other friends, when he realised that he had left his money at home and his wife had to carry his wallet to pay for dinner. Do you want to know all the details of the story? Watch the video!

11Onze is becoming a phenomenon as the first Fintech community in Catalonia. Now, it releases the first version of El Canut, the super app of 11Onze, for Android and Apple. El Canut, the first universal account can be opened in Catalan territory.

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