The security of deposits in Spanish banks

Having a deposit in a Spanish bank nowadays means not only getting a low return on our savings, given the low-interest rates, but also being covered by the Deposit Guarantee Fund (FGD). Currently, the FGD has about 4.2 billion euros at its disposal, against the 958.9 billion euros that customers have on deposit.


In 2021, according to data provided by the Bank of Spain, the accumulated level of deposits reached 958.9 billion euros at the end of 2021, a new all-time high. Even so, it should be noted that the level of financial resources accumulated by the Deposit Guarantee Fund, and available in the deposit guarantee systems, amounted to 4,191 million euros in 2020, which represents 0.5% of guaranteed deposits to this date.

Clearly, therefore, the DGF is not in a position to cope with bank failures. The monstrous disproportion between money deposited and guarantee is pushing many savers to look for safer options. Even more so when the benefit obtained by having money in a Spanish bank is negligible, as we analyse in this article. Theoretically, the Deposit Guarantee Fund would have to guarantee up to 100,000 euros per individual or legal entity, but it is mathematically impossible for them to do so because the money reserves are exactly half of what they should be. For this reason, given the context of inflation that bites into savings and seeing the low profitability and security offered by traditional banks, it is necessary to look for safer options for our money.


Guaranteed Funds guarantee 100% of capital

Guaranteed investment funds can be a good option if we want to diversify our savings and, at the same time, ensure a certain return. As the name suggests, they guarantee all or part of the capital invested, as well as a predetermined return for a certain period of time. Normally, these are funds that have insurance that guarantees the totality of the money regardless of the amount.

Therefore, the question to ask yourself is: is there any fund that generates high returns and guarantees 100% of the investment and returns? If you want to find out about superior options for making your money profitable, go to Guaranteed Funds. From 11Onze Recommends we propose the best options.


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