The most sought-after professions in 2021

Our “new normal” in coexistence with the virus has given wings to processes such as teleworking and remote team management, the migration of information in the cloud, the implementation of cybersecurity measures or sales and customer service on the Internet. A revolution that would not have been possible without the implementation of information technology (IT) profiles.


IT and technology professionals will continue to lead the change during this 2021. Big Data, machine learning and the constant implementation of digital solutions will mark the ecosystem where IT profiles are called to grow during 2021. These are some that could be in greater demand during 2021.

  1. Full Stack Developer. It has a great potential especially in the field of programming, since its objective will be to learn and develop HTML5 languages in addition to knowing several types of processors. You will also be able to program in several languages. 
  2. Cybersecurity specialists. They are a key piece in any company, regardless of its size. Banking and other sectors are showing great interest in attracting this type of talent. A varied training in which they will be able to develop different functions such as system administrator, risk manager, development of detection tools, ethical hacker, as well as others related to research and innovation. 
  3. CIO (Chief Information Officer) this is the modern name for the former Head of Systems. They have deep technical knowledge and their great value is their ability to manage the human factor. Their job, among others, is to analyze how various technologies benefit the company and improve the business process. 
  4. AI and Machine Learning Specialist. This is one of the profiles of the year. It stands out for the creation of systems that learn automatically, identifying patterns from thousands of data. They will also understand and know how to apply the most widely used algorithms in the industry, as well as have the ability to adapt and modify them to address complex real-world problems. 
  5. App development. The cell phone is nowadays the most widely used device to access the network. Faced with this trend, the need for profiles like this one, focused on the development of apps for Android and IOS, is multiplying. They must design the application, navigation software, dialog boxes, notifications. Do the relevant tests and follow up. 
  6. Data engineers. These professionals are very necessary due to the expansion of Big Data, designers of database architecture and processing systems are needed. The training falls on three basic pillars, mathematics, statistics, to be able to model the systems and treat the information, on the other hand the computation to be able to use the calculation devices in a generalized and efficient way.

Professionals are also needed in other fields

  • In the field of health
    Psychology and mental health. Stress, depression, phobias or addictions are problems in today’s society due to the pandemic, therefore mental health professionals will be very necessary this 2021. Geriatric and pediatric physician assistants will also be important. The care and attention of the elderly has experienced a remarkable increase as well as the care of minors. This is why these professionals are in constant demand.
  • In the field of logistics
    The logistics sector has significantly increased its workload. As a result, the creation of jobs in this area has been a constant in recent months.

In conclusion, new technology professionals are the ones with the biggest market ahead of them. IT specialists have an assured future, but new professions will emerge that will make this sector constantly evolve due to market demand. We must be prepared to see a change in the professional sector as we have understood it up to now. The future will see new professions related to new technologies occupy a prominent place in the labour market, creating new jobs for new professionals and at the same time we will see others disappear.


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