July crypto: new Bitvavo promotions

In addition to the €20 welcome to register from 11 Onze Recomana, Bitvavo launches two other promotions. You will be able to buy and sell coins commission-free up to €10,000 and you will receive €500 to transfer funds from Binance or OKX.


Since mid-June 11Onze has brought cryptocurrencies to its community thanks to an agreement with Bitvavo. The leading digital currency exchange house in the Netherlands now also dominates 50% of the Spanish market. And it achieves this thanks to the ease of use and the security it offers its users. The reception by the people of La Plaça has been extraordinary, taking advantage of the 20 euros welcome offered by Bitvavo. But during this month of July there are two other promotions active.


Security and €500!


Bitvavo is registered with the Central Bank of the Netherlands, its depositors have access to the guarantee fund and, in addition, it uses cold wallets to prevent cybercrime. That is, the digital currencies of Bitvavo clients are regularly downloaded to physical devices disconnected from the Internet.

Other cryptocurrency platforms are having problems. This is the case of Binance and OKX which, as explained by Bitvavo’s affiliate manager for the Spanish and French market Oriol Blanch, “will not be able to operate in the Netherlands or Belgium because they have not obtained a license”. This is bad news for its users, who have already seen the vetoes of other countries such as Cyprus, Germany, the forcefulness of Belgium and the withdrawal of Binance’s main banking partner in Europe.

Given this scenario, Bitvavo offers itself as a refuge and to stimulate the arrival of users of these platforms, it will reward them with €500. To transfer funds from Binance or OKX to Bitvavo, just follow the tutorial offered by the Dutch platform. There is no minimum deposit of funds, but the euros cannot be withdrawn. On August 15, Bitvavo will deposit the €500 that will have to be used to purchase digital assets. You will find all the information about the promotion at this Bitvavo link.

European regulators are investigating international exchange platforms. Bitvavo allows users to operate in a more secure environment.

According to Oriol Blanch, “now is a good time to trade cryptocurrencies through Bitvavo because international exchanges are being investigated by European regulators. Bitvavo offers these facilities to help users operate in a more secure environment.”


€10,000 without commissions


The second active promotion in Bitvavo during this month of July is the one that allows you to buy and sell up to 10,000 euros in cryptocurrencies. Of course, it must be in the first 7 days of account activity. This will allow users to save about 25 euros in commissions.

All this, advantageous options that are added to the 20 euros welcome for signing up from 11 Onze Recomana. But is it worth having some of the cryptocurrency savings? How does this platform really work? Recover the podcast where we talked about these issues with the representative of Bitvavo, Oriol Blanch.

11Onze Recommands Bitvavo, cryptocurrencies easily, safely and at a low price.

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  1. Maria Espinosa RomeroMaria Espinosa Romero says:

    Imposible accedir… port 10 dies intentant i encara no em reconeix . A part de l’idioma que no es pit canviar , només anglès?

    • Manuel Bullich BuenoManuel Bullich Bueno says:

      Bon dia Maria, jo avui he fet la identificació i ha estat un procés bastant àgil, tot i q alhora de validar les fotos del DNI, li ha costat un xic, he hagut de repetir un parell de vegades les fotos, per tal q les reconegués. Ara només tinc pendent validar el compte.
      En el menú, tens la opció de modificar l’idioma.

      11 months ago
    • Jordi CollJordi Coll says:

      Nosaltres, 11Onze, t’ho recomanem, però és una empresa aliena a la nostra estructura, i per tant no és a nosaltres a qui has de dirigir les teves preguntes…, de totes maneres moltes gràcies pel teu comentari, Maria!!!

      11 months ago
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