Can we help you make a transfer?

If you have already downloaded El Canut, you may need to make a transfer. 11Onze team leader, Lara de Castro, explains it, step by step, in this tutorial.


El Canut will be adding services soon and, so that you don’t lose track, 11Onze will be publishing tutorials to help you navigate our super app. We would also like to remind you that 11Onze agents are at your disposal to help you via chat, telephone 93 003 49 74 and email at: [email protected].

11Onze is becoming a phenomenon as the first Fintech community in Catalonia. Now, it releases the first version of El Canut, the super app of 11Onze, for Android and Apple. El Canut, the first universal account can be opened in Catalan territory.

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  1. Daniela SimónDaniela Simón says:
  2. Pere Maria EstremPere Maria Estrem says:
    Pere Maria

    Si faig una transferència a un contacte que no té compte a 11onze, a on li va a parar…?

    • Sergi Colell Vázquez says:

      Si no te compte a 11onze set obrirà una pestanya per posar l’IBAN i es farà una transferència comuna.

      3 years ago
  3. Joan Santacruz CarlúsJoan Santacruz Carlús says:

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