Debate on crypto-economics at “Que no faltin!”

In the second edition of “Que no faltin!”, Susana Rodríguez Urgel, founder of The Digital Advisory Board, shared her knowledge of crypto-economics with the audience at La Plaça.


The possibilities offered by new technologies have opened the way to crypto-economics, a new techno-economic concept that coordinates different actors in the FinTech sector, with the aim of creating a decentralised economy through blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

As Rodriguez explains, “The digitalisation of the economy and, in particular, what blockchain is, leads to ‘ownership’. We will all be owners of what we can associate with our digital identity“. Collaboration between users gives rise to a new generation of platforms that thrive on the contributions of a decentralised global talent blockchain, which does not have to seek permission from any government entity.

However, as the expert in crypto-economics points out, “all freedoms bring more responsibility“, the decline of the cryptocurrency market is not caused by new technologies “the problem we are experiencing now is not the cryptocurrencies, the technology is not to blame. It is the people who are making use of this technology who are sometimes unethical.”

In this context, governments have seen how they have been left behind in the face of a paradigm shift that may present a challenge to the established power structure, and under their domination. Will the creation of central bank-controlled digital currencies (CBDCs) be the basis on which the centralised financial system will survive? You can watch the full episode here.

“Que no faltin!” Chapter: 3

David Garrofé, businessman and secretary general of the Catalan employers’ association CECOT from 1988 to 2021, will talk to us about the future of the labour market. You will be able to follow the conversation live from La Plaça, from 19:00 on Tuesday 13 December. If you would like to participate as an audience member, you can reserve your place by writing to [email protected].


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