CISI: at 11Onze the best-trained agents

What are the CISI certificates? Why are they so prestigious? Why don’t all bank employees have them? We explain why 11Onze wanted its financial agents to obtain these demanding certifications.


Isa Custodio, Director of Human Resources at 11Onze, explains why they chose CISI to train their agents.

“The certification issued by the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI), based in London, is one of the most important and internationally recognised.

The certification we have requested from the agents corresponds to level I, which qualifies them to manage banking operations and inform clients about financial products. This is the right certification for professionals starting out in the banking sector, and it is internationally recognised, which means that our agents can work in any territory and with any banking licence.

We will also have agents with level II certification, which qualifies them to advise on financial products. Likewise, a certification with an international character.

The banking sector operates with different recruitment strategies in relation to certifications. In some cases, they opt to incorporate profiles without certification and in this way the agent and the bank jointly design a personalised career plan for each professional, adapting the different certifications to their profile. In other cases, more senior profiles are sought, who already have the information and advisory certifications, especially in the event that they have to manage teams directly”.

What is MiFID II?

The European Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II) is a mandatory regulation for professionals and financial institutions advising or offering investment products to consumers. Obtaining this certification is just the starting point for entering the finance industry, and along with others, it is offered by academies specialised in training professionals in the sector. Today we will focus on one of the most prestigious, The Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI).

Validating beyond regulation

The global financial crisis of 2008, together with the banking corruption scandals, made it imperative to reinforce the degree of protection for users of investment products and services, increasing the levels of transparency towards clients, and establishing greater control over the entities that provide these investment services.

It is in this context, many financial institutions are not satisfied with simply complying with MiFID ll regulations imposed by the European Union, but go further in training their employees, to guarantee the integrity, ethics and quality of the services provided, and thus gain the trust of their clients.

Internationally recognised prestige

This training must be provided by an academy with recognised international prestige that validates the quality of its certifications, and The Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI) meets this requirement with honours. An entity that emerged from the London Stock Exchange in 1992, with branches in 123 countries and recognised by 40 national regulators.

A rewarded effort

The international recognition of this certification is largely due to the quantity and quality of the content included in the training, and especially on the difficulty of the exam. This is the reason why not all bank employees have this certificate: there are many hours of training and the tests are very demanding.

Jordi Sánchez, Head of 11Onze agents, explains his experience:

  • “It has been a very tough few weeks for us, and we have worked very hard. The content of the certificate is very complete, but you have to study every detail to apply it to the multiple-choice questions. The exam is complicated, as the multiple-choice questions are complex, and you have to think through the answers before giving the final answer. I think it is very worthwhile to have this qualification, it helps you to acquire financial knowledge in a personal and professional environment”.


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