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11Onze and WONDR creating a bank with soul and purpose

Digital agency WONDR has been chosen to pilot the development of 11ONZE bank’s technology platform. Headquartered in the heart of Dublin’s creative district, WONDR is listed as one of the top 10 digital studios in the world. For this reason we asked its founder:

  • What were the reasons why a ’boutique’ of your prestige that can afford to choose who to work with, has opted to choose 11Onze bank?

    WONDR is proud to have been commissioned by the 11ONZE leadership team to set the digital vision, design and delivery for a new Catalan bank that will launch in 2021.

We believe this is a once-in-a-decade opportunity to be part of something truly meaningful; the creation of a digital-first bank that enables culture and empowers communities. 11ONZE will be an independent bank that directly supports Catalan society by providing the latest banking technology for private citizens, the self-employed, and small-to-medium-sized companies. 

When WONDR first spoke to the leadership team in 11ONZE, we instantly knew this was a unique chance to create more than just a bank, but a cultural brand which places community and people at its centre. 11ONZE will play a significant and positive role in society by creating banking products that provide genuine innovation and financial sovereignty for its people.


The Catalan and Irish people understand each other and there is much respect between us. We share similar histories and a common ethos of community and cultural pride. Our talented creative team is led by a Catalan and we look forward to bringing our spirit together to create something unique that will deliver the future of banking for all.


11ONZE x Wondr

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