La Plaça – Territori 17: Digital economy

The economic outlook continues to point to rising inflation. Meanwhile, in the midst of the digitalization of the economy, traditional banks are closing more and more branches, turning their backs on their long-standing customers. How will all this continue? What do the economic macro trends point to in the coming months? Gemma Vallet, director of 11Onze District, talks in this episode of La Plaça.

La Plaça is a section of the radio magazine Territori 17, of La Xarxa, which links four territories connected by the C-17: Vallès Oriental, Moianès, Osona and Ripollès.

  1. Joan Santacruz CarlúsJoan Santacruz Carlús says:
  2. Carles MarsalCarles Marsal says:

    Molt aclaridor i preocupant.

    • Laura Bunyol Bartrina says:

      Si Carles, els canvis sempre ens fan ballar el cap. Però bé, esperem fer ben feta la feina.

      2 years ago
  3. Manuel Bullich BuenoManuel Bullich Bueno says:

    Molt ben explicat, més ens val q ens anem preparant pel q se’ns bé a sobre, xq crec q serà molt pitjor q la crisi q varem començar a patir al 2008.

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