Gold at the heart of the quantum financial system

The Quantum Financial System (QFS) will introduce a new decentralised system of cross-border interbank payments based on a digital currency underpinned by physical assets such as gold.


While the world of financial services is constantly evolving, the Quantum Financial System (QFS) has the potential to revolutionise a banking sector that is often constrained by legacy systems that are overstretched by the need to adapt to the possibilities offered by new technologies.

Before delving into the role of gold within the QFS, it is important to understand that it is a new technological development that would use quantum computing and cryptography through a blockchain platform which would allow for secure and fast transactions without the need for intermediaries such as banks and financial institutions.

One of the main advantages of QFS is its ability to prevent fraud and money laundering, which are significant concerns in today’s financial system. This would be achieved through the use of advanced encryption and authentication technologies that would ensure the immutability of data, preventing manipulation and guaranteeing the integrity of transactions.

In addition, a quantum financial system would be particularly useful in applications where algorithms are fed by real-time data streams, facilitating the transfer of information and enabling near-instantaneous financial transactions, which customers could see immediately updated on their digital platforms.


The role of gold in the QFS

One of the ways in which the QFS could revolutionise the financial sector is through the creation of a digital currency backed by physical assets. This would not be a cryptocurrency but a digital currency that could be backed by physical gold, which would guarantee its value and stability. Thus, only gold-backed coins with a digital gold certificate would be able to participate in the transactions of a QFS.

The printing and pouring of large amounts of money into the economy through increasingly unsustainable fiscal deficits are damaging the credibility of the global fiat currency system and deteriorating government finances. It is therefore not surprising that economic uncertainty and loss of confidence in fiat currencies incentivise a return to fiat currencies backed by safe-haven assets such as precious metals.

In this context, gold is likely to play an increasingly important role in supporting currencies and transactions, a monetary system in which the value of currencies is underpinned by their convertibility into gold. The example of the QFS is not unique; Zimbabwe is about to introduce a gold-backed legal tender digital currency in order to help stabilise the economy in the face of the rapidly depreciating Zimbabwean dollar. A trend that some analysts see as an unmistakable sign of a paradigm shift in the international monetary system.


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