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11Onze has designed a portfolio of products that allow you to save from €222 to more than €125,000. In addition, most of the proposals do so with a risk close to zero, which makes them very good ways to achieve returns. In this conversation About 11Onze, we talk to Isaac Sène, head of product, about the entire portfolio of current products and those to come: new gold products, crypto and a Litigation Fund from an external provider, through 11Onze Recommends.

01:20 Are treasury bills a good option?

02:08 Secured Accounts

03:55 Precious 11Onze

05:20 Gold versus inflation

06:40 Gold demand

09:22 Investing in 11Onze

11:05 11Onze Recommends – Litigation Fund

14:10 11Onze Recommends – Guaranteed Fund

16:40 New gold product

19:02 New crypto product

  1. Pere Maria EstremPere Maria Estrem says:
    Pere Maria

    Les “criptos” si que em fan una mica de respecte…

  2. Santi AlbertSanti Albert says:
  3. alicia Coiduras Charlesalicia Coiduras Charles says:

    Quan escolto el que heu fet en tan poc temps m’emociono
    El tema de les monedes m’agradaria si es pot ampliar I si encara es poden adquirir

  4. Manuel Bullich BuenoManuel Bullich Bueno says:

    Gràcies per oferir-nos tot aquest ventall de productes. 💛

  5. Jordi MorenoJordi Moreno says:

    Moltes mercès👍

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