Episode 10 | People: Clothes of our Iaios

IAIOS is a brand from Granollers committed to bringing sustainability to the fashion industry. Timeless sweaters, made from recycled material and locally produced. In addition to reducing the ecological footprint, they also tell stories of old men and grandmothers who have left their mark. We spoke with Gemma Barbany, designer and co-founder of IAIOS, in conversation with head agent Mireia Cano.

  1. Joaquin Lopez ArandaJoaquin Lopez Aranda says:

    Aixo esta molt be.

  2. Pere Maria EstremPere Maria Estrem says:
    Pere Maria

    Per Olot hi ha projectes semblants. Molt bé.

    • Eve Doña says:

      Tot sigui per fomentar la sostenibilitat i amb aquesta, el futur del planeta. Gràcies Pere!

      3 years ago
  3. Francesc Estafanell PujolFrancesc Estafanell Pujol says:
    Francesc de Borja

    Aprendre dels avis i incorporar les noves eines i materials. Mirar enrera per avançar.

    • Jordi CollJordi Coll says:

      I no cometre els mateixos errors… Moltes gràcies pel teu comentari, Francesc!!!

      3 years ago
  4. alicia Coiduras Charlesalicia Coiduras Charles says:

    Aplaudeixo aquesta economia circular i el significat d’aquest producte iaios .gràcies

  5. Miquel MartíMiquel Martí says:

    iaios? serà avis no? quin poc respecte pels nostres grans no?

  6. Joan Santacruz CarlúsJoan Santacruz Carlús says:

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