Essential books for this summer

Plan your holiday, pack your bags, and grab a book. Summer is synonymous with disconnection and reading is the main protagonist. We bring you a book selection for your summer travels.

11Onze Agent Mireia Cano gives us a selection of some books to read on the beach.

Mireia Cano
  1. alicia Coiduras Charlesalicia Coiduras Charles says:

    Gràcies Mireia

  2. Joan Santacruz CarlúsJoan Santacruz Carlús says:
  3. Manel Miquel MartinezManel Miquel Martinez says:
    Manel Miquel

    La idea es boníssima i recomenable 100% això si, recordar posar el mòbil amb modo avió 🤭

    • Mireia CanoMireia Cano says:

      Tota la raó Miquel! Cada llibre s’ha de viure al 100% 😉

      2 months ago
  4. Xavi Tornos CarrerasXavi Tornos Carreras says:

    Gracies Mireia!! Llegirem algun

    • Mireia CanoMireia Cano Codina says:

      Fantàstic Xavi! Sempre va bé agafar idees 😉

      4 months ago

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