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We are creating a Catalan Fintech community designed for people.


Cash Management for our SMEs

As a financial institution of the future, we believe this means establishing ourselves as a strategic ally of companies with their financial operations.

We offer a competitive advantage to our clients, with the opportunity to give them the ideal control for their business; offering a platform that allows them to visualize in real time both their cash flow and their daily operations.

Cash Liquidity Management

Real-time overview of their positions, liquidity and cash flow.

Our clients will be able to obtain a clear and instantaneous idea of the global liquidity of their optimal structures to get the most out of their capital.


Our platform automates and leads the process at all times in order to maintain financial health and ensure its success at all times.


Check   Real-time liquidity, supported with visualization and reporting tools.

Check    Online access to analytical reports of quality control structures.

Check    Platform designed for self-service use.

Check    Can be integrated with other Cash Management platforms.

Check    Control panels that will allow quick decision-making.

Check    Scenario prediction and alerts, which will guarantee optimal liquidity and where exposures and overdrafts can be foreseen.

Check    Automatic accounts receivable and payable system that guarantees and optimizes cash flow.



We want to be able to offer the highest standards in terms of payments.

Our solution is able to optimize each transaction to obtain the best profitability, speed and cash flow. So we offer to the companies the capability to create fast and accurate payment strategies along with their ecosystem.

Check    Support of international standards for capital movement including SEPA, BACS, CHAPS, ACH, Faster Payments and Wire Transfer.

Check    Automated risk and fraud control through transaction monitoring, AI and integration with specialized third-party engines.

Check    Widgets to customize the user experience to the maximum.

Check    Easy access control and management.

Check    Easy-to-execute file uploads and bulk operations. (e.g. Payroll)

Check    Real-time visualization of open payments by our company.

Check    Integration with third party software (Accounting & Finance).

Check    Visualization of time, risk, legality, value and cost of our payments.

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