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Soon the first Catalan fintech platform at the service of the people

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We are creating the next generation of digital finance designed for people with the latest technologies.

Digital and economic information

Our platform supports financial services standards and PSD2 (European Directive regulating EU payment services). Thus, our customers will be able to obtain a global visualization of their finances by integrating their monetary ecosystem.

Being able to visualize at multiple levels in an intuitive way through customizable dashboards.


Once again, we want our clients to have a global view of their positions and therefore streamline their decision-making.

  • Instant payments
  • Savings
  • Subscription management
  • Transfers in 3 seconds
  • Intuitive tools to reach your goals



   Accounts & transactions

Customers will be able to see at a glance their aggregated financial situation. Through filters and categorizations, they will be able to navigate over any transaction made.


Functionalities My Money Dashboard

We will create customized environments for different segments, since the finances of adults are not the same as those of young people and vice versa.

Funcionalitats   Personal treasury management

Manage your finances the right way. Through a control over the different categories of spending in your day-to-day life and setting savings objectives to meet your goals.

Functionalities Easy opening of our service

Creating your financial service has never been easier. In a short time and by downloading our application, you will be able to benefit from our digital financial services and premium services.

Funcionalitats   Transfers

Take the movement of money one step further with our app. Being able to plan, configure and monitor recurring movements in a simple way. Centralized management of your capital is the basis of good financial control.

Functionalities Deposits and Loans

Being a customer of 11Onze, you will be able to obtain automatic loans and compare prices with the rest of the market under the same conditions. Probably through us you will obtain a remarkable benefit, since being an ethical financial entity and with an optimized structure, the interests that we will propose will be your best ally.

The control center for our people

We want every interaction with us to be memorable, a meaningful experience and to provide maximum added value through all possible digital channels. That is why we want to offer the public a digital entity that allows them to have control and action over their capital at all times.


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