Carles Juanico: “I want to be treated as a person, not as a number”

Behind 11Onze, there are 148 promoters who have committed to creating the first digital fintech community to revolutionise the relationship we have with money. Carles Juanico is a real estate consultant at IAD and one of the people who helped start 11Onze.

Why do you think a community project like this is needed?

I think there is a huge lack of financial knowledge in this country. We have a very low financial level in terms of knowledge, and I am sure this community will help us know this world much better. And if, on top of that, it does so in an ethical way, in collaboration with people from our country, even better. Behind it, there are people who want to do things in a collaborative, ethical, and country-wise way.

What do you expect from La Plaça, 11Onze’s community?

I hope the expectations are met. May this be a community where we can learn from each other and be heard. That is what people want. We do not only want to do what is profitable, which is the most usual today, but that we all have benefits. And I have a lot of hope, because the competition is very low in this sense. There is enough talent in Catalonia, and we are proving it every day with leading companies in all sectors. Many digital entrepreneurs are coming to our country, therefore I am sure that we will do it well.

How do you think customers of financial institutions feel?

Very neglected. They treat us worse every day. They just try to sell us alarms, phones, and stuff. To get an appointment, you have to call; the staff is constantly changing; you do not know your manager… The only good thing is that, technologically, some of them have evolved a lot. But the customer service is a disaster. I hope to have a bank that supports me. A bank that is there to help me, not to kill me with commissions, when I apply for a mortgage, and that makes my day-to-day life easier. I want to be able to make my transfers, check my balances, and perform my day-to-day actions in a fast, agile way, so that when I need to talk to someone, I have someone to support me, answer my questions, and treat me as a person, not as a number. I do not want the bank to try to sell me whatever they want.

How do you think the real estate sector will change after Covid?

Seeing other countries like France, the digital will prevail. The human factor will always be there, but the contact, the way to get there will be completely digital. This will make traditional branches less important. People no longer go to shops or convenience stores. The same will happen to the real estate sector. I belong to IAD Real Estate, which is a PropTech organisation. I firmly believe in the digital world, in collaboration. Today we make all purchases online, we communicate online. The world has become global and communications allow us to be closer than ever. 

What is your strength as an entrepreneur?

I have always liked entrepreneurship, initiative, creativity… I am a trained publicist, and creativity has always been my goal. I am from a generation that is not digital. We learned using the pencil and paper, and we have had to pull up our socks. I have done it with great pleasure, because I firmly believe in it. I see that is the trend: the new generations are digital, work at high speed, and learn very quickly. I have tried to keep pace since day one, which has not always been easy!


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  1. montse cabanas says:

    Crec que hi ha una questió d’ètica, i que no s’hauria d’oblidar una cosa: és el client qui porta els diners al banc. Ara mateix, sembla que el meu banc hagi oblidat que ell és un depositari, que em te que donar un servei, i que ha d’estar a la meva disposició. En aqeusts moments, i en el futur, la banca és i serà digital, però el client ha de tenir facilitat per accedir als serveis, i per contactar amb algú que t’atengui si cal. I aqeust algú ha de generar confiança.. Està molt bé que ens ensenyin finances, una cosa que sempre he dit que s’haruia de fer des de les escoles. Però al darrera de tots els bancs, els bancs centrasl, els governs, i la societat, hi ha el treball i la riquesa de la gent que, individualment, aporta cada dia el seu temps per que els diners arribin.

    • Sergi Colell Vázquez says:

      Moltes gràcies pel teu comentari, des d’11Onze creiem que l’educació financera és important per donar transparència i coneixement.

      2 months ago
  2. Laura León Amat says:

    Són necessàries les dues coses; combinació del digital i presencial, perquè una vivenda al final l’has de veure en directe. Però amb els tramits, les consultes encara que no siguin presencials, cal un tracte proper, himà, sincer, perdonal… res d’utimatismes, ni respostes tancades estanques… on siguis escoltada, on poguis sincerar-te amb les teves necessitats i tothom hi guanyi

  3. Carles Grau Passarell says:

    Tinc ganes de conèixer un banc que com a principi tingui clar evitar les males pràctiques en que ens te acostumats la banca tradicional. Que no et faci xantatge a l’hora de contractar un préstec. Que no intenti colocar-me productes a tota hora encara que no els necessiti o no siguin adequats per mi. Que no em vengui productes dels quals no en don especialistes i que una vegada venuts se’n despreocupen (assegurances, alarmes, electrodomèstics…) etc., etc.
    Onze banc es compromet a no fer res del que acabo de relacionar?

    • Elisabet Porqueras Garcia says:

      Gràcies, Carles pel teu comentari, a 11Onze, volem ser ètics i sostenibles i això forma part dels nostres principis. Nosaltres informem i tu decideixes. Espero que segueixis gaudint de la Plaça

      2 months ago
  4. Jordi Ferré says:

    Bé, personalment no compraría mai un pis per internet. Hi ha coses que no surten als videos (humitats, etc.

    • Marc Jara Gimeno says:

      Gràcies pel comentari, Jordi. Ens agrada i ens interessa molt disposar de les teves opinions, moltes gràcies.

      2 months ago

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