Catalonia is home to innovation, talent and global leisure

Catalonia and also its capital, Barcelona, ​​are perceived as areas that attract talent and innovation, and therefore as ideals for investing in them. The international media have echoed this fact, with headlines such as that “Catalonia is seen as the best region in Southern Europe to invest” (Finantial Times) and that “Barcelona is the fifth city preferred by foreign investors ”(EY).

And this is specified with data that show this perception, given that the annual foreign investment is recorded at € 4,600M. But in addition, the creation of technology companies is in full swing, as there are currently 80 fintechs that have created a total of 1,700 jobs.

In addition, the data indicate that Catalan companies are generators of wealth, with a total annual export of € 73,853 million. The data on investment in Research and Development, which exceeds € 3,275.8 million, are also positive. Looking in global and investment terms, in Catalonia there are the best scientific facilities, with ALBA, Mare Nostrum, the Biomedical Research Park, Scientific Park, ICIQ, as well as numerous companies born in related universities, among others. , with the biomedical industry.

Catalonia attracts foreign talent, with more than 12,000 students passing through the classrooms of Catalan universities each year. The training offer is wide, in a variety of formats and present throughout Catalonia, in fact and in particular, Catalonia has seven public universities, five private universities, a distance university, and together they have 210,000 students enrolled. Within its postgraduate training offer specializing in business, there are three business schools among the top thirty in Europe, which are also nurtured by programs with great attraction for international students.

Both Catalonia and Barcelona are global destinations for leisure, with tourism being one of the activities that generates the most direct and indirect wealth, in particular, 22.5% of the Spanish tourist share, of which 2.5% is destined to Catalonia.

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