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The press echoes the launch of El Canut

Can the Spanish government seize my savings?

How to achieve economic independence?

The freedom to choose your IBAN

‘Universal bank account’: how a utopia is born

All you need to know about new banking

The world is changing, and so is money

Private-to-private lending

October 1: 11Onze launches El Canut

Do you know what El Canut is?

Let's meet People at 11Onze Podcast

GET IN LINE for your 11Onze account


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  1. Fina Salinas serraFina Salinas serra says:

    Amb molta illusio

What is the notification system for?

Creatives, entrepreneurs and 11Onze in Palo Market

"‘La Plaça’ Attracts Over 10,000 Members"

The Secret of 11Onze

11Onze App Test: mobile banking is evolving

11Onze App Test: we are entering the testing phase

The British press talks about 11Onze and Vinari

We are looking for a computer technician

"CISI certifies more than 50 agents" Funds Society

Learn with 11Onze Training Courses

Discover the winners of the Summer Wine Awards

All about the Vinari Awards Summer Gala

CISI: at 11Onze the best-trained agents

11Onze is looking for talent: Multimedia editor

Get to know the pillars of 11Onze

11Onze mentioned in the international press

11Onze seeks talent: Content Manager

11Onze seeks its CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

We are hiring: UX/UI designers and web developers

Premiere of Introducing 11Onze's Heads of Agents

Do not miss the final episode of L'Academy

“Banking is not transparent and it does not train”

Do you want to continue learning with 11Onze?

Defend yourself against financial abuse

Carles Juanico: "I want to be treated as a person, not as a number"

Home renovation: DIY tips

El Diner: the animated series to learn about economics

PODCAST: “We want to empower citizens” Interview to Natàlia Cugueró


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  1. Albert Chic GiménezAlbert Chic Giménez says:

    Gràcies pel teu comentari, Marta!

"Things are built by builders"

Do you want to save La Plaça as an app on your smartphone?

11Onze in the main FINTECH publications internationally

Register at La Plaça

Welcome to La Plaça

The Great secret of catalans

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