ENOUGH: James Sène


In our home, we have something that very few countries in the world have: our enormous associative capacity. This is how James Sène, our Chairman, explained to the 11Onze Agents the relevance of 11Onze Banc. We, Catalan people, enjoy doing things together. And James was very clear about it, that’s why 11Onze was born!

  1. Josep Ros says:

    Units som imparables

  2. Jordi Ferré says:

    Totalment d’acord amb en James. L’unió fa la força.

  3. Enrique Puig i Domingo says:
  4. Sergi Zamora Sola says:

    Un altre cop. Fantàstic James.

  5. Mònica Cornudella Quintana says:

    Genial !! Francament realista !!!

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